Sunday, May 29, 2011

It has been one year i din't not touch my blog. Some times i do feel like being played like a fool in front of ever one.I do wish that i could go some where else to let go all my stress.Sometime when you are the youngest and alone you feel like being pushed around doing thing for the others. Oh God , i wish they relies that not everyone would help them to get what they want.People just like to pushed the dirty job to you and never look back. And at last you are the one who get blame for all the wrong. They just keep pointing their finger to you. Those people who thinks that every thing must come to them easily and the people who help them were left for dead. Unfair society make the world getting worst and worst. I am not try to blame them for their behavior, just may God be beside them all the time. Or else they will just like the other being bully people. In a family, these problem were more even worst then in the society. Family members, they know each others and these is the way to start to get what they want and ask the favor more and more. But sometimes when the one who is being pushed like this shout out their pain. I think i don't have to say that words out.