Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It hurts me

No matter how many time i told myself not to think of you any more but it seems that i cant do it. Every time i saw you, you always had this smile on your face. For me, a single smile can make me happy for a whole day. Ever since we had the dance for the performance of the senior's graduation dinner i had fall for you. Every movement of yours, the smile on your face, your eyes, you hand's temperature just keep on surrounding me. On that night i do really enjoy myself on performing with you. When i am nervous you cheer me up. That night i do really feel my heartbeat can beat so fast when i am standing in front of you starring on your eyes. Your eyes are so beautiful, it looks like a star that can talk. The gentlemen that i missed a lot. Some times i do ask myself am i becoming crazy for him. Ya the answer is yes. The more days i had not seeing him it make me feel empty.The way he treat me on that night is totally different. He is the first boy in my life that actually dancing with me after all these year people keep laughing at me because of my body size. I just wished that night wont end. Make it became a dream that will never wake up. In my growing life i don'd recall that i had cry for a boy before, but i broke my record for the first time. I cry for him once and the second time. This secret i had keep and i just mention to my best friend about it. She say its okay to cry but not more that once. The first time i cry for him is because i know he just make me a friend , the second time i had cry because i did not support me at that time. The presentation on that day really sucks. I had ask for the help of the other group it came out that they just care for themself. The pressure in my heart really just burst out when the presentation is over. They know to ask the stage for using in the presentation but they just keep on taking advantage on me. The first time ever i cry because of him and the assignment. That day i drove back home with two bars of tears. I came down from my car and straightly went upstairs to look for my mom. I huge my mom straightly i saw her. She was so surprising that i was crying in her huge. Mom , thanks for everything that you had given and support to me. I Love You, mom. And i will never let you down. Although he did say that he just don't feel like having a girlfriend now but i don really want him to know I really Like Him so much more that the feeling of friend.