Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Sometimes i do want to rest but the works in my hand could not finish at all.I wish someone can help me with this. My friends always ask me to go out to have tea with them but my assginment still haven't finish so i tell them i cannot go , and he say this to me: i always got excuss not to go out to have tea with them and say that next time they would't ask me again . What kind of friends is this, he think that i will always be free to go out .He did not know that what kind of life while you are studying college.Ya, he is now working sure got time to go out for tea. He did not think for me , the place i stay are very far from them so sure after thet have tea sure can go back so fast .He did not think of my safety. How could he say this to me. Now i would never speak to him anymore.....I MEAN IT .DONT THINK I AM A FOOL .YOU ARE SO SELFFISH

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