Monday, February 1, 2010


It has been a while i did not post a new blog. It has been a very difficult week for me to cope with my assignment , it is also getting less and less time for me to chatting with my friends even when i log in. But there also no people want to chat with me since i have a fight with HIM even he is online. But a little while later he came up and ask me weather want to go out for movies with the others but i was busy so i say no . He din't say anything but i guess i know what is in his mind. Maybe somewhere in his mind were scolding me that because i cannot go out with them. I know i have been missed a lot of chance that are be able to see them again. Of course i wish to see you guys again but this wasn't my fault not coming out to see. I wish that you can understand my difficulty to see you all again. I dont blame you so scolding but i am asking to understand it.

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